ARY Family New Frequency

ARY Family Live Channel ON Astra 2E/2F/2G at 28.2°East And AsiaSat 7 at 105.5°East Good Working New TP Frequency Here Transponder 2018
ARY Media Advisory Board At the turn of events leading to the emergency in December 2007, Salman Iqbal, CEO of the network announced along with the ARY Digital network committee the establishment of a media advisory board, the purpose of which would be to assess the media coverage (be it news or other programmes) on the network. Saying that ARY Digital has been reporting without bias for a while but the recent events ushering the emergency rule and temporary closure of one of the biggest news network Geo TV, ARY Digital required a better unbiased coverage. He concluded that an array of government leaders could weigh the coverage presented by the network on the basis of its rationality and coverage so that the media portrayed by the network was in verse with the way Pakistan is supposed to be imaged. The board would have seats for 20 members, each focusing on different aspects of media would provide their views on how media should be portrayed.

ARY Family New Frequency 2018

ARY Family Live Channel ON Astra 2E/2F/2G at 28.2°East New TP Frequency 2018

Channel :ARY Family
Satellite :Astra 2E/2F/2G at 28.2°East
Frequency :11112
Polarization :H
Symbol Rate:22000
A.PID:2331 English
SID Code:50470
Update :: March 23-03-2018

ARY Family Live Channel ON AsiaSat 7 at 105.5°East New TP Frequency 2018

Channel :ARY Family
Satellite :AsiaSat 7 at 105.5°East
Frequency :4060
Polarization :V
Symbol Rate:26666
A.PID:49 Urdu
SID Code:3
Update :: March 23-03-2018

ARY pioneered and set standards in television programming in Pakistan and all over the world. In 2002, The ARY Star Gold Quiz Show set new standards in the game-show broadcast history being the first live show ever which was offering a hefty prize of one kilogram of gold. For the period of its transmission, participants won over 260 kilograms of gold, undoubtedly the highest stakes of any game-show in the history of South Asian Television. Partly due to the ban on Indian channels around the time, it has helped the channel grow popular by the day.[citation needed] The network in 2005 obtained the rights to show Live 8 on its sister music channel, The Musik. The channel also held rights to the Who Wants to be a Millionaire franchise for Pakistan.

As most of the network's programming is acquired through private production houses from within Pakistan and some based in UAE, where people aren't that much in verse with the latest trends in distribution and quality, the network began to be criticized. This led the network to segment its programming into specialized channels whereby, for instance, having a dedicated channel for news coverage where they excelled leaving behind areas that needed dire attention on the flagship channel.[citation needed]

At present, the network has four different coverage areas around the world: ARY Digital Asia, ARY Digital Middle East, ARY Digital UK/Europe and ARY Digital USA beamed at from the UAE. It has acquired and set up 1,200 premium-rate lines for its call centres to facilitate users.

Although, its operations involve the mission for the betterment of the image of Pakistanis both resident and living abroad, the network has tagged along regional events programming from neighbour India to boost its ratings. In January 2005, the annual Bollywood Music Awards held in Dubai were premiered on the networks flagship channel ARY Digital where celebrities from both the countries managed to gather under one roof. The awards sparked a new interest in the India-Pakistan affairs regarding media policies and ushered a new era of friendly cross-industry work.[citation needed]

To further hook users to the box, the network acquired exclusive rights to showcase all International Cricket Council cricket tournaments in the European markets. Another deal with the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) led the network into rightful broadcast of all PCB matches from the year 2003 to 2008.

On 18 October 2007 most of the ARY news team, covering former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto's arrival from exile, were killed by one of two explosions. Pictures of the victims were shown live on the news hour and prayers were observed. Bhutto was later escorted safely to an official government house.
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