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BBC Persian Live Channel ON Other Satellite List Good Working Feed Code New TP Frequency Here Transponder 2018
BBC Persian Television (Persian: تلویزیون فارسی بی‌بی‌سی‎) is the BBC's Persian language news channel that was launched on 14 January 2009. The service is broadcast by satellite and is also available online. It is aimed at the 110 million Persian-speaking population in Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. BBC Persian is one of the most watched channels watched among Persian speakers, along with Manoto.

BBC Persian New Frequency 2018

BBC Persian Live Channel ON Eutelsat 7A/7B at 7.0°East New TP Frequency 2018

Channel :BBC Persian
Satellite :Eutelsat 7A/7B at 7.0°East
Frequency :10721
Polarization :H
Symbol Rate:22000
A.PID:102 Far
SID Code:1
Update :: March 21-03-2018

BBC Persian Live Channel ON Hot Bird 13B/13C/13E at 13.0°East New TP Frequency 2018

Channel :BBC Persian
Satellite :Hot Bird 13B/13C/13E at 13.0°East
Frequency :12303
Polarization :V
Symbol Rate:
A.PID:7032 Far
SID Code:13944
Update :: March 21-03-2018

BBC Persian Live Channel ON Al Yah 1 at 52.5°East New TP Frequency 2018

Channel :BBC Persian
Satellite :Al Yah 1 at 52.5°East
Frequency :11938
Polarization :H
Symbol Rate:27500
A.PID:1002 Far
SID Code:47
Update :: March 21-03-2018


The annual budget of £15 million was funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, but as with the BBC World Service which is also funded by the FCO, the BBC remains editorially independent, though some Iranian media have accused the British Government of using the service as a propaganda tool. The Iranian government issued a statement denouncing the new service as 'suspicious and illegal', and 'working against the interests of the Islamic Republic'. On 1 April 2014, all World Service funding transfers to the Licence Fee model, which is paid for by all UK residents who watch television as it is broadcast.

As of November 2017, BBC Persian has an audience of 13 million Iranians.


It appears that Iranian presidential election, 2009 and what followed greatly elevated BBC Persian TV's stature and importance. It became the channel that extensively covered the events for the Iranians inside Iran. Outside of Iran, the channel was therefore recognised accordingly.

On 4 November 2009, BBC Persian TV was honoured for the "Clearest coverage of a single news event – television" by the Association for International Broadcasting at its annual global media excellence awards at a gala event in London, England. The award was for "the elections that shook Iran". It was a half-hour narration of the unrest that developed in the streets of Iran immediately after the disputed June presidential elections.

On 20 November 2009, BBC Persian TV was honoured at the 12th annual Hot Bird TV Awards in Venice, Italy. It was named best news channel for its portrayal of unbiased news in a complex and fast-moving environment.
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