MH 1 Music New Frequency

MH 1 Music Live ON All Others Satellite Lists Working Feed New TP Transponder Frequency Here 2018
MH 1 Music is a Punjabi Music television channel, owned by MH One Limited.MH ONE TV Network Limited was founded in January 2003 and launched its first channel in May 2003 under the brand name of MH ONE – the highly successful music and entertainment channel with 90% reach to its target audience. The channel is maintaining very high TRP’s week after week, not just for a particular time band but throughout the day. Serialized programs like “Awaaz Punjab Di” and “Hasde Hasande Ravo” have got 95% plus viewership in their time slot way ahead of other leading GEC channels. MH ONE offers a host of genres - Comedy, Music, Dance and general entertainment. The channel has a library of over 25,000 hours of programming.

MH ONE TV Network Limited started its journey in the field of broadcasting 13 years ago and today aims to become a leading Integrated Content Company creating, aggregating and delivering high quality media and entertainment content in all genres and on all media platforms. The Network wants to be recognized as an enterprise with credibility and respect, delivering high productivity and high shareholder value.

MH 1 Music New Frequency 2018

MH 1 Music Live ON G-Sat 10 at 83.0°EAST New TP Frequency 2018

Channel :MH 1 Music
Satellite :G-Sat 10 at 83.0°EAST
Frequency :4030
Polarization :H
Symbol Rate:4440
A.PID:731 Panjabi
SID Code:5
Update :: March 20-03-2018

MH 1 Music Live ON NSS 6 & SES 8 at 95.0°East New TP Frequency 2018

Channel :MH 1 Music
Satellite :NSS 6 & SES 8 at 95.0°East
Frequency :12595
Polarization :H
Symbol Rate:43200
A.PID:3918 Panjabi
SID Code:33326
Update :: March 20-03-2018

MH 1 Music Live ON ABS 2/2A at 75.0°East New TP Frequency 2018

Channel :MH 1 Music
Satellite :ABS 2/2A at 75.0°East
Frequency :11913
Polarization :H
Symbol Rate:44000
A.PID:7914 Panjabi
SID Code:7910
Update :: March 20-03-2018

MH ONE operates from its own state of the art studio with facilities for shooting, editing, graphics, audio recording etc. The latest equipment meets all international broadcasting standards. Having all the facilities in house allows for making changes in programming instantly and backward integration with all aspects of programming.

Future formats to bring the channel to its viewers are also being explored; this includes releasing of the popular programs for the retail and the publishing market, interactive programming with SMS and IVR, streaming of programs on the internet. MH ONE is in the process of tying up with the best service providers and aggregators for this.

The team of professionals constantly innovates on the programming and packaging of programs. Introduction of new program formats happens on regular intervals to provide something new for the viewers. Constant research and feedback from the viewers is incorporated and forms the basis for development of programs that match the changing tastes of the viewers.

The year 2007 was a landmark year for the Network with the launch of 2 additional channels MH ONE SHRADDHA – the devotional channel and MH ONE NEWS – the 24 hour news channel with a focus on the Hindi speaking belt. With the vast experience of running a bouquet of 3 channels from different genres we believe that we are well positioned to capture considerable growth opportunities in India’s Punjabi and Hindi Music, Hindi devotional and news broadcasting industry. The Devotional and News Library has over 30,000 hours of programming.

MH ONE TV Network offers a complete bouquet of channels - entertainment, devotional and news. All 3 Channel in the bouquet enjoy viewer-ship in almost all categories considered to be important by advertisers. MH ONE TV Network Limited is today respected in the industry as a media company of repute and credibility.
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