Videocon D2H New Frequency

Videocon D2H TV Channels Lists Good Working Feed New TP Frequency Transponder Here 2018
Dish TV India Limited (Dishtv), Asia Pacific’s largest direct-to-home (DTH) company and part of the Essel Group has received the final approval for closing of the merger of Videocon d2h with DishTV.

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) had approved the requests made by the company for completion of the transaction for the creation of the largest listed media company in India. Following the amalgamation, the combined entity will be renamed as DishTV Videocon Limited.

Videocon D2H New Frequency 2018

Videocon D2H All Channels List New TP Frequency Here 2018

DTH ServicePositionSatelliteFrequencyPol.SRQuality
Videocon d2h88.0°EST 211050V30000MPEG-4 / HD
Videocon d2h88.0°EST 211050H30000MPEG-4 / HD
Videocon d2h88.0°EST 211164V44995MPEG-4 / HD
Videocon d2h88.0°EST 211164H44995MPEG-4 / HD
Videocon d2h88.0°EST 211483V44995MPEG-4 / HD
Videocon d2h88.0°EST 211483H44995MPEG-4/HD/FM
Videocon d2h88.0°EST 211546V44995MPEG-4 / Active
Videocon d2h88.0°EST 211547H44995MPEG-4
Videocon d2h88.0°EST 211609V43975MPEG-4
Videocon d2h88.0°EST 211609H44995MPEG-4
Videocon d2h88.0°EST 211672V44995MPEG-4
Videocon d2h88.0°EST 211672H44995MPEG-4

Temp. free-to-air TV channels from Videocon D2H at 88.0°E, ST 2 Satellite :

TV ChannelFrequency Quality
 DD Bharati11609 / H / 44995MPEG-4
D2h Home 211609 / V / 43975MPEG-4
D2h Home 111609 / V / 43975MPEG-4
Lok Sabha TV11546 / H / 44995MPEG-4
Rajya Sabha TV11546 / V / 44995MPEG-4
TEST HD11483  / V / 44995MPEG-4 / HD

Temp. free-to-air Radio / FM channels from Videocon D2H at 88.0°E, ST 2 Satellite :

Radio ChannelFrequency Quality
AIR Hindi11483 / H / 44995MP-3
AIR Bangla11483 / H / 44995MP-3
AIR Telugu11483 / H / 44995MP-3
AIR Marathi11483 / H / 44995MP-3
AIR Tamil11483 / H / 44995MP-3
AIR Punjabi11483 / H / 44995MP-3
AIR Gujarati11483 / H / 44995MP-3
AIR Kannada11483 / H / 44995MP-3
AIR Vividh Bharati11483 / H / 44995MP-3
AIR North East11483 / H / 44995MP-3
Rainbow Delhi11483 / H / 44995MP-3
FM Gold Delhi11483 / H / 44995MP-3
AIR Urdu11483 / H / 44995MP-3
AIR Malayalam11483 / H / 44995MP-3
AIR Oriya11483 / H / 44995MP-3
AIR Assamese11483 / H / 44995MP-3
Rainbow Bangalore11483 / H / 44995MP-3
Rainbow Chennai11483 / H / 44995MP-3
FM Gold Mumbai11483 / H / 44995MP-3

Videocon d2h is an Indian pay TV company, providing direct broadcast satellite service—including satellite television, audio programming, and interactive television services—to commercial, residential customers in India. It uses H.264 or MPEG-4 Part 10, Advanced Video Coding (MPEG-4 AVC) with DVB S2 digital compression technology, transmitting using ST-2 satellite. Videocon d2h has 11.86 million subscribers as of March 2016.

On 11 November 2016, the Board of Directors of Videocon d2h and Dish TV agreed to an all-stock merger of their DTH operations. The merger will create the largest DTH provider in India with a total valuation of ₹17,000 crore (US$2.6 billion). The merged entity will be called Dish TV Videocon Limited. Dish TV will hold a 55.4% stake in the merged entity, while Videocon d2h will own the remaining shares. The two companies Videocon d2h would have 27.6 million subscribers out of the estimated 175 million Indian households that own a television. The deal is subject to regulatory approvals, which will take a minimum of 8 months. The merger has been successfully completed and effective Oct'17 Dish Tv and Videcon d2h are officially one.However, the operations still run under their respective brand names.The operational and infrastructure costs are expected to be leveraged with collaborative use of the existing infrastructure of individual Videocon d2h. Apart from the leveraged costs,now both the brands can effectively handle the existing subscriber base and address the rapidly growing Indian DTH market.
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