Mava TV New Frequency

Mava TV Live Channel ON TurkmenÄlem/MonacoSat at 52.0°East Good Working Feed Kode New TP Frequency Transponder Here 2018
Persian (/ˈpɜːrʒən/ or /ˈpɜːrʃən/), also known by its endonym Farsi (فارسی fārsi [fɒːɾˈsiː] (About this sound listen)), is one of the Western Iranian languages within the Indo-Iranian branch of the Indo-European language family. It is primarily spoken in Iran, Afghanistan (officially known as Dari since 1958), and Tajikistan (officially known as Tajiki since the Soviet era), and some other regions which historically were Persianate societies and considered part of Greater Iran. It is written in the Persian alphabet, a modified variant of the Arabic script, which itself evolved from the Aramaic alphabet.

Mava TV New Frequency 2018

Mava TV Live Channel ON TurkmenÄlem/MonacoSat at 52.0°East New TP Frequency 2018

Channel :Mava TV
Satellite :TurkmenÄlem/MonacoSat at 52.0°East
Frequency :10845
Polarization :V
Symbol Rate:27500
A.PID:5042 Far
SID Code:504
Update :: April 07-04-2018

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