Playmen TV New Frequency

Playmen TV Live Channel ON Anik F1R at 107.3°W Today Update Here Fine Working Feed Code Transponder New TP Frequency 2018
Playmen TV is a Canadian English language Category B specialty channel. It is a premium adult entertainment television channel aimed at gay men, with programming consisting mainly of adult films and adult-related television series.

Playmen TV's licensee is 4510810 Canada Inc. which is wholly owned by Fifth Dimension Properties Inc., a company wholly owned by Stuart Duncan, majority owner of Ten Broadcasting.

Playmen TV New Frequency 2018

Playmen TV Live Channel ON Anik F1R at 107.3°W New TP Frequency 2018

Channel :Playmen TV
Satellite :Anik F1R at 107.3°W
Frequency :11880
Polarization :H
Symbol Rate :19510
Fec :3/4
Encryption : Digicipher
Packages : Shaw Direct
System : Digicipher 2
Beam EIRP (dBW) : North America Ku
Language : English
Update :: April 09-04-2018


PrideVision was launched in 2001 as Canada's first digital specialty service aimed towards the LGBT community. However, PrideVision had been unattractive to providers because of the gay pornographic programming it aired during east coast late-night hours, which would be broadcast as early as 10:00 p.m. in the Pacific Time Zone. Providers chose to package PrideVision as a standalone, premium adult channel rather than alongside other mainstream specialty channels—which hampered the network's reach. Shaw controversially required viewers to go through an authorization process, including a one-cent fee, to view the channel during its mandated free preview period. The provider considered this mechanism to be a response to the "overwhelming expressions of concern from our customers" over the adult content carried by the service, but PrideVision's owners filed a complaint to the CRTC alleging that Shaw was discriminating against the channel by refusing to give it a proper preview period, like the other digital channels that had also recently been launched. The CRTC reprimanded Shaw for its unfair treatment of PrideVision, and ordered that the provider properly offer a preview.
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