Sharjah Sport HD New Frequency

Sharjah Sport HD Live Channel ON Eutelsat 8 West B at 8.0°W Good Working Feed Code New TP Frequency Transponder Here 2018
The Sharjah Cricket Stadium (Arabic:لشارقة جمعية ملعب الكريكيت) is in Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates. It holds the record for the most number of ODIs hosted in a venue with 228 ODIs up to 23 October 2017. It was originally constructed in the early 1980s and has been much improved over the years. In 2010, at the behest of local cricketing patron Abdul Rahman Bukhatir, the Sharjah Cricket Stadium became the home ground for the Afghanistan cricket team for One Day International and First-Class matches. In 2016, Afghanistan changed their home ground to Greater Noida Sports Complex Ground in Noida, India.

The cricket stadium also hosted the inaugural edition of the T10 cricket league, which is a 90 minute cricket league from December 14 to 17, 2017 featuring several international cricket players.

The stadium is also hosted the final of the 2018 Blind Cricket World Cup featuring India and Pakistan with India defeating Pakistan by 2 wickets to secure the Blind Cricket World Cup title.

Sharjah Sport HD New Frequency 2018

Sharjah Sport HD Live Channel ON Eutelsat 8 West B at 8.0°W New TP Frequency 2018

Channel :Sharjah Sport HD
Satellite :Eutelsat 8 West B at 8.0°W
Frequency :11013
Polarization :V
Symbol Rate:27500
A.PID:210 Arabic
SID Code:6
Update :: April 03-04-2018


Sharjah was the centre of Sir Paul Condon’s investigations into corruption in cricket. Although the report did not conclusively single out the venue much controversy raged. BBC Cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew said in 2001 : “Sharjah has been pinpointed as being the centre of this activity [match fixing] and, again, this is entirely plausible. I would swear under oath that two of the dozen or so matches I have witnessed on that desert ground over the years were fixed”. On the other hand Sharjah tournament organiser, and former Pakistan cricketer, Asif Iqbal denied this strongly:”To my mind, all the matches in Sharjah were fair and honest cricketing encounters”.
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