RCN Televisión Latest Biss Key And Frequency 2018

RCN Televisión Latest Biss Key And Frequency Good Working Feed Kode Here Update Today Found Transponder 2018

RCN Televisión (Radio Cadena Nacional) is a Colombian private television network. It started as a production company programadora in 1967. Since 1998 it became a network by acquiring one of the two licenses granted by the Colombian government (the other Colombian private TV network is Caracol TV).

RCN reaches 97% of the Colombian population through 13 stations. Its main shareholder is Carlos Ardila Lülle. It produced Yo soy Betty, la fea, one of the most successful Colombian telenovelas.

RCN TV Latest Biss Key 2018 Logo TezRush
RCN TV Latest Biss Key 2018 Logo TezRush
RCN Television was created as a part of RCN Radio. In 1967 RCN Radio took part in the bidding for spaces in the official television network, getting one hour a day which was distributed into two series: one made in Colombia named El Hogar (The Home) and the American television series Bewitched. In 1973 RCN Radio and its subsidiary RCN Television were purchased by Carlos Ardila Lülle, who three years later relaunched RCN as a television production company (or programadora) with several spaces into the official channels schedule. RCN was the first company that broadcast a television program both live and in color, the 1980 Miss Colombia beauty contest; since that year RCN has held the rights to broadcast this event.

Here RCN TV Latest Biss Key And Frequency 2018

RCN TV Channels Latest Biss Key And Frequency 2018

(RCN TV Channels)
Satellite : SES-6 @40.5°West
C Band
Frequency : 4022 R 3200

(RCN novelas)
Biss Key : 5F DB 06 AA 13 64 E5 00

Today Biss : 5F DB 06 AA 13 64 E5 00

Colombia Channel Latest Biss Key SES-6 40.5° West Working

Colombia Channels
Frequency : 4130 R 3844
Satellite : SES-6 40.5° West
Biss Key Channels, City TV (Colombia) , El Tiempo TV, Época TV, SIC Internacional
Biss Key : 99 45 32 10 BA 04 FE BC

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RCN presently operates on a 22-hour regular network programming per day, and its signal is the same all over the country, with no changes in the schedule, which starts in the early morning (4:00 am) with reruns of previously aired telenovelas, the morning is covered with breakfast television (Muy Buenos Días), with a break for news, and then religious programming (Cura Para el Alma), the news returns at 12:30 pm and the rest of the afternoon is taken by national and foreign telenovelas until 7:00 pm with the news bulletin, and at 8:00 pm the prime time starts with national telenovelas until 10:30 pm, the night is taken by news and editorial TV shows (i.e. La Noche).
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