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SportsMax es una cadena de televisión por suscripción que emite programación deportiva para todo el Caribe, propiedad de Digicel. Consta de dos canales: SportsMax y SportsMax 2.

SportsMax se transmite a nivel regional, su sede central es en Jamaica y se transmite a través de operadores de cable, para los territorio caribeños de habla inglesa.1​

Sportsmax Latest PowerVU Key 2018 Logo TezRush
Sportsmax Latest PowerVU Key 2018 Logo TezRush
Sportmax is a modern design house, built on a strong heritage of daring innovation and beautiful Italian craftsmanship.

Not afraid of clean, intelligent line and form, we embrace the new and set future directions in fashion.

We design for discerning, self-assured, style conscious women, who choose to wear Sportmax for our attention to detail, unconventional femininity and timeless style.

Here Sportsmax Latest PowerVU Key 2018

SPORT MAX Live Feed ON Intelsat 34 at 55.5°W New PowerVU Key 2018

Channel : SPORT MAX
Frequency : 4003 V 1000 HD
Satellite : Intelsat 34 at 55.5°W
ECM0 Key : B1 F0 80 DD CB 5B 4E
ECM1 Key : FA 50 CA 5D 50 60 A8

Launched in 1969, in the heart of Northern Italy, as the world swung from tailor-made garments, towards ready-to-wear fashion, Sportmax were the first to design garments for a fully coordinated wardrobe. It was an extremely innovative approach that Sportmax evolved with cutting-edge materials and technologies, which Vogue described in 1972, as ‘a far cry from conventional’.

From the moment the house made its catwalk debut in Milan 1976, Sportmax stood out for having a strong, innovative spirit and fresh, experimental style.

Now in the third millennium, whilst being mindful of this rich Italian heritage, Sportmax anticipates the themes of the day through constant research into cut, colour, textiles and technology, and garments and accessories are defined by continuous innovation in design combined with striking, unmistakable style.
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