StarSat SR-13000 HD Latest Receiver Software

StarSat SR-13000 HD Latest Receiver Software Good Working Download Link Here Daily Update Found On TezRush 2018

StarSat is a top leading brand with its wide range of Satellite Receivers, Satellite Accessories and home appliances in the market.
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StarSat SR-13000 HD Latest Receiver Software Logo 2018 TezRush
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StarSat SR-13000 HD Latest Receiver Software 2018

SR-13000HD_V2.34 Receiver Software Download Link Here

Name: SR-13000HD_V2.34(19556)
File Size: 4.17 MB
File Type: application/zip
Download Link Download Link
Created Date: 19-06-2018
Last Updated Date: 19-06-2018

SR-13000HD_V2.33 Latest Receiver Software Update

File Name: SR-13000HD_V2.33(19547)
File Size: 4.16 MB
File Type: application/zip
Download: Download Link
Created Date: 14-06-2018
Last Updated Date: 14-06-2018

SR-13000HD_V2.32 Latest Update Receiver Software

File Name: SR-13000HD_V2.32(19454)
File Size: 4.08 MB
File Type: application/zip
Download: Download Link
Created Date: 19-05-2018
Last Updated Date: 19-05-2018

SR-13000HD_V2.31 Good Working Download Link Software

File Name: SR-13000HD_V2.31(19388)
File Size: 4.11 MB
File Type: application/zip
Download: Dowload Link
Created Date: 24-04-2018
Last Updated Date: 24-04-2018

Storer also owned WJBK-AM-FM-TV in Detroit and WJW-AM-FM-TV in Cleveland. Both WJBK-TV and WJW-TV were longstanding CBS affiliates. WSPD-TV provided city-grade coverage to most of Detroit's suburbs, while its grade B signal could be seen in Detroit and Cleveland. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) grandfathered this situation under its "one-to-a-market" rule in the 1970s. Storer sold off WSPD-FM, WJW-FM, and WJBK-AM-FM (WDEE-AM/WDRQ-FM) in the early 1970s, WJW-AM in 1977, and WSPD-AM in 1979,and channel 13 became WTVG on October 1 of that year. By then the studio building on Huron Street had been outgrown and WTVG moved into its current studio building in southwest Toledo on Dorr Street. Adhering to the design of the studios of most of its sister television stations at the time, WTVG's current studio building is a modern interpretation of an Antebellum mansion.

The Storer stations were taken over by Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. (KKR) in 1985. As a result, WTVG lost its grandfathered protection and was not sold to Gillett Communications along with the other Storer stations in 1987. Instead, it was sold to a local employee/investor group called Toledo Television, Inc. Toledo Television, in turn was bought out by SJL Broadcast Management in 1991.
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